Ben and the Smugglers

Ben and the Smugglers mit dem Platypus Theater; Foto: Metzner

28.06., 11.00 Uhr


“Ab in die Badewanne!”, Ben’s mother insists. The overseas visitors are arriving soon. Ben reluctantly obeys but no sooner has the twelve year old closed the bathroom door than his vivid imagination starts working. His weekly bath turns into a fantastic, larger than life, action-packed adventure involving himself, two smugglers and a young girl called Lisa. Will the smugglers find the accidental stowaway? Will Ben be able to contact the authorities and convince them about the illegal cargo? And what is Lisa’s part in all this? Written by: Peter Scollin Director: Kenneth George Performed by: Any Nye, Anja Scollin, Jörg Schönborg/ Codrin Serbanescu and Kenneth George Duration: 60 Minutes - kulturell immer auf dem Laufenden | Impressum | Adressen